Day 2 ~ Without God, You Cannot …

So, what I want to share with you today is that learning to forgive yourself cannot be done without God.  Period.

For a long time I shoved all of my feelings about past regrets, shame or guilt way down in my heart … I shoved them so far down that they would only surface if something triggered the memories.  Then I would have to fight it back down.  This seemed to work for years, but somehow those feelings would always find a way to resurface.  It was a constant battle.

Sure, you can find coping mechanisms: many people turn to drugs and alcohol.  Others, turn to prescription drugs which only mask the pain for a short time.  Once the prescription wears off, you still have the same problem.  Christian counseling is definitely helpful but again, it boils down to you still trying to fix the pain, shame, guild and regret.  You have to let go and let God remove it.

The turning point for me was the day I cried out to God to help me forgive myself.  I knew that He had forgiven me!  I accepted His forgiveness.  I needed to forgive myself and never look back.Matthew 11.28 (1)

That day, I was set free!  If my Heavenly Father can forgive me … I can forgive myself.

Every time the enemy (satan) tried to make me feel bad again … I would say out loud: I am forgiven, I am free, I am whole, I am healed, I am wonderfully made for God’s purpose, my life will glorify God, I am chosen, I am set apart, I am sanctified, I am redeemed.

What Can You Do Today:

Ask God for help
Confess (tell) God about your shame, guilt, regrets
Ask for forgiveness
Repent (turn away and no longer repeat the same actions)
Humble yourself (put God first) and Pray
Read the Bible
Listen to praise music
Say positive affirmations out loud
Find a support group … my church family is a blessing!

Take a moment to watch this video.

Here is a link to help you come to know Christ better: Click here


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